Today I regret to announce you that this article will be the last one of a long series. I hope that you appreciated my various posts, that they were interesting and that I learnt you and share with you things on my passion that is the football.

Through these articles, I dived back into this universe which I missed me and it was great. I remembered a lot of memories and by wanting to teach you things, I learnt a lot myself by making my searches and I found this blog approach very interesting. I enjoyed all of your comments and I answered as best possible.

I hope you change your look on women’s football and I hope that you will continue to look and to encourage the women’s football too.

I count on you!

All behind the French team and the Olympique Lyonnais x).


The women’s team of the Olympic of Marseille can be in D1 the next year

My boyfriend being a big supporter of the Olympic of Marseille, I had no choice that to make an article on the women’s team lol. Moreover, it’s necessary to say it, contrary to the men for whom this season was catastrophic, the women’s team is in very great form!

Indeed, currently the first one of their group in D2 with 72 points, they have a small advance on the second team Dijon with 64 points. Knowing that there are only 3 matches till the end of this season, they have big chances to reach D1 if they keep their momentum. What would make the happiness of my boyfriend and fans of Marseille.

For my part, I’d really like it because we can see the superiority of Lyon on Marseille whether it’s for women or for the men lol! I nonetheless wish them good luck.

Lara Dickenmann, one of my favorite players

Lara Dickenmann, is a Swiss football player been born on November 27th, 1985. She is a member of the Switzerland’s national team and currently plays at the post of midfielder in the team of Wolfsbug in Germany.

Before that, she was a member of the staff of Lyon during 6 years where she won numerous trophies and where she scored one of the most important goals on May 26th, 2011. Indeed, she scores the second goal of the Olympique Lyonnais in finale of the Champions’ League against Potsdam won by her team. In addition to being talented this player is also very attractive as can be seen on the following photo.

Unfortunately for Lyon and supporters, on April 7th, 2015, she announces her signature to play from the next season in the German club of Wolfsburg and leaves the message following to her fans: “I had a wonderful period in Lyon which I shall never forget. Now it’s time for me to live something new. Bundesliga is one of the best world championships. I am going to discover an ambitious team, with competition, another culture of the football and new mentalities. Thanks to all.”

Despite the fact that she plays for another team, I always like this player.lara

The women’s football in Germany

Let us speak about another country today than France where the football is more recognized and mediatized, Germany. I learnt by making some searches that the increase of popularity of the women’s football in Germany arose after the first title of champion of the world in 2003. Furthermore, the prize list of this team is rather impressive because it’s one of the most titled teams of the history of the women’s football. They won twice the World cup, in 2003 and 2007, this is make of Germany the only nation to have won the world title at men and women. This team also won nine of fourteen trophies of Champions’ League, including the last three. Finally, during four times where the women’s football was present in Olympics, Germany won three bronze medals (on 2000, 2004 and 2008).

The Germany team is thus one of the strongest teams of the world, they are rank second in the classification of FIFA behind the United States. All this explains partially their popularity.

Let us hope that France wins the next World Cup and will know the same fate.

The Olympique Lyonnais on the road for the treble

The women’s team of Lyon is currently training for its big game against Paris on Sunday at 3 pm in semi-final of the Champions’ League which will happen at the new stadium of the Olympique Lyonnais. If Lyon qualifies itself, what I sincerely hope, at the end of the first legs and return against Paris, which will happen in one week apart, they will face in finale either the team of Wolfsburg, or the team of Frankfurt.

We should also remember that the women’s team of Lyon is first at the moment of its championship with 72 points follow-up closely by Paris with 69 points. If they keep this advance they will be champions of France for the 10th consecutive time and for the 14th time all in all!

Furthermore, Lyon is still in competition for the French cup having beaten Rodez 9-0 in semi-final.  They will play against the team of Montpellier in finale, as the last year. Let us hope that the Olympique Lyonnais win again this game for the 5th consecutive time and for their 8th trophy.

Good luck to my team!

Better feminine hope of D1 2014/2015

This week, I want to speak to you about a girl that I know very well and who was elected better feminine hope of D1 the last season : Meryl CIRRI.

This Young 19 years old player was recruited a few years ago by the club of Sain-Etienne (which is the enemy of Lyon) and play currently in the feminine championship of D1 for this team at the post of defender.

Before this, she played numerous years for the club of Ain Sud Foot with boys, where I was one of her coaches. In France, this is possible until the age of 14 years. At the time, she was already very talented and better than certain boys.

Then, she was forced to play onlu with girls ans luckily the women’s team of Ain Sud Foot had just been created. After having one of her coaches, I became one of her coteam members because we played in the same team.

So, now for me it’s strange see her playing football on the TV for a big team of women’s football. I’m really very satisfied for her because she’s a great player, she deserves it!


Aulas announces the creation of a feminine training center in Lyon


We all know it, M. Aulas, president of the Olympique Lyonnais, is one of the people who fights most for the democratization and the highlight of the women’s football. Some week ago while he was interviewed, he was delighted first of all that the number of license passed 100 000. ” When I arrived in the women’s football, ten years ago, there was less than 20 000 sporting license.” Yes but since the feminine have more and more media exhibition favor, let us admit it, to the Olympique Lyonnais and its numerous sports Awards.

But Jean-Michel Aulas also revealed one of the measures which, according to him, will contribute to the development of the women’s football: ” I think that it’s also necessary to work the training, the education. It’s the reason why we are going to open, from July 1st, 2016, a feminine training center.”

Jean-Michel Aulas doesn’t miss ideas to continue to develop his feminine section and it’s a very good thing. Furthermore, Lyon is one of the most recognized clubs for the quality of it male training center. Let us hope that the level will be the same for the girls.

1/8th finals of the French cup ORVAULT – LYON: 0-12

No surprise on the football field of Orvault. This team of Division of Honor (DH) was widely defeated in front of the Lyon women’s football on Saturday 13 afternoon with more than 2000 spectators. The feminine of Lyon left no luck to their opponent by marking 12 goals. It is the biggest goals gap of this 1/8th finals. So, they qualified themselves easily for the quarter finals of the competition. Then, they will meet the feminine of Dijon, team in division 2, which won with difficulty 4-3 against Grenoble also team of D2. This meeting will take place on February 28th to qualify itself for the semi-finals.

The victory should not be complicated to obtain for Lyon which shows us every day that this is the best women’s team in France. However, we are not under cover from a surprise and the victory of Dijon against Lyon but personally I do not believe in it.


Below all goals!


A new amazing sponsor for women’s football

The site for adults PornHub had for objective for a long time to sponsor a football team and to do that the group had set up a competition on the Internet. The results were announced this week and it’s the Italian club named Champions Feague which won.

The “problem” is that this team is a women’s football club which name is a play on words between Figa in italian meaning vagina and Champions’ League. Furthermore the Web site published the following lines : ” Champions Feague members demonstrated that their team was composed of women who are very representative of the present categories on PornHub, among whom Milf, Lesbian, blond, and many others ”

I wonder if the club is going to assume its new image which I find very controversial for my part. In any case, this sponsoring is a beautiful operation for this team which made speak about it all over the world.

And you, what do you thing about it?

Feminine D2 in France

Today I decided to speak to you about feminine D2 in France because this championship is even less known than D1, it is the equivalent of the league 2 men but appears in a different way.

To understand, for the menthe league 2 as the league 1 consists of 20 teams and at the end of the season 3 first ones rise in league 1 and 3 last ones come down at the level down. However in D2, for the women, it’s not the same scenario. Indeed, D2 is different than D1. In D2 we find thirty six clubs distributed in three groups of twelve. The first ones of every group will play in D1 the following season while both last ones are relegated to Division of Honor.

As you can see it on the following photos, the ranking is very tight in every group. Currently, it’s the teams of Metz, Yzeure and Marseille that may rise in D1 next year, but it’s not finished. It stays some matches and everything can change.

groupe Agroupe Bgroupe C

Everything can go very fast in football. Good luck to all these teams!